Nor Truss is a long-established roof truss manufacturer in Miramichi with over 30 years’ experience designing and building floor and roof trusses of all kinds. Whether your building plans call for basic floor and roof trusses, custom trusses, or I-Joists and engineered LVL beams, the experience of the Nor Truss team will simplify the building process.

Nor Truss produces high quality trusses built from materials that exceed minimum standards. We’re proud of our highly qualified team that includes experienced construction workers and builders, truss designers and on-staff engineers who can answer your questions. If you are building your first home, or building a full scale development project, Nor Truss is ‘here to support your plans’.

Contact us, or drop by the Nor Truss manufacturing plant, which is centrally located Miramichi. Need to arrange truss delivery or building crane services? Nor Truss delivers floor and roof trusses, LVL beams, and I-Joists  directly to building sites throughout N.B.

Our Products


Roof trusses come in as many configurations as there are roof styles from simple spans and room-in-attic designs to cathedral and dual roof designs. Nor-Truss designs and manufactures roof trusses at our manufacturing plant in Miramichi, using lumber that …

LVL Beams

LVL beams (Laminated Veneer Lumber) are a composite building material constructed from thin layers of wood, glued together with a strong adhesive. The direction of the wood grain is alternated layer by layer, allowing LVL beams to offer greater uniform …

I Joists

I-Joists provide an option for builders that can save time and money. These prefabricated products are specially designed to provide a strong flat surface for flooring. Many builders prefer them to traditional floor trusses because they are engineered for strength and …

Our Services

Truss Design

The goal of truss design is to create a roof system that is structurally sound, and still achieves the look you want. Our design team at  Nor-Truss will review your blueprints and create a system of roof trusses that …


All trusses must meet the National and Provincial Building Codes, TPIC (Truss Plate Institute of Canada), any local bylaws, and the appropriate climatic and seismic requirements. All truss designs must be reviewed and sealed by an engineer to ensure that …


Whether it’s your first time building a house or you’re a seasoned builder, our experienced design staff at Nor-Truss can provide you with the information you need to make informed roofing decisions. From simple projects to complex designs, we …


All trusses, floors and beams can be delivered to your building sites in the Miramichi area and throughout the province of New Brunswick. Nor-Truss takes into account the size and complexity of each job to …


With our expert staff and our strict safety policies and procedures, we maintain a clean safety record. As our staff continues education with the training programs we provide, we ensure you properly trained technicians. This enables Nor-Truss Ltd. employees to meet the current industry standards and safety, in which prevents any job-related accidents or incidents from occurring. Nor-Truss Ltd. provides a safe work environment for clients and employees. If you ask us, there is nothing more important than maintaining a goal greater than safety.

Service Areas

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

Some Services are available across Canada.

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