Quality materials is the backbone of our business and which is why all our products are made from timber, using structurally-sound design and impeccable execution.

Trusses, beams and flooring must be done right the first time or you suffer from years of aggravated frustration – a situation we at Nor-Truss would never allow to happen to any of our valuable customers. After all, the best lumber is the least likely to fail under stress and always go beyond industry standards.

Our unmatched service  and proximity will ensure that when you order from us, you eliminate additional expenses from inferior design and manufacturing flaws. With over 32 years of experience and having serviced many well-respected companies, we can proudly say that whatever your projects require, we can manufacture it.

Aside from customization, we have the standard sizes in:

Wood Trusses, Beams, Flooring

Whether you need one or many, we can manufacture to your specification and design exactly what you need. We can handle quick and efficient delivery of the items especially for trusses so you don’t waste time (or resources) waiting for an out-of-town supplier to schedule a delivery to your area.

Engineered Wood Trusses

Some roof trusses in the market are mass produced to maximum volume and revenue. At Nor-Truss, we don’t work like that, Our roof trusses are made of the finest construction materials in the industry which is critical to guarantee durability and expedited service. Even the connectors we use are of the finest construction and made to last for generations. You enjoy greater savings on a roof or floor system that is individually engineering to perfectly match your design.

LVL Beams

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is best used when you have light beam structure designs or open web steel joists – or when you want to showcase the beams for aesthetic purposes. When you look at LVL beams, you will be astonished at how much it resembles lumber especially if you request us to use certain wood finishing techniques to emphasize wood grain or to add a final protective layer on the beam face.

The advantage in choosing LVL beams is the efficiency since you can cut it to any length while on site provided you follow our recommendations on any notching, cutting, or drilling.


Like all our other products, we can also manufacture columns and posts according to your specifications.  In addition, we spend time on your design requirements before the manufacturing process to ensure that the columns can handle the loads and comply with all industry standards.

Open Joist TriForce

The TRIFORCE is a new innovation in joist design that has an adjustable end which offers greater flexibility and savings compared to the 1980s version.  It is made of wood entirely and can carry heavy loads yet uses less wood than the conventional joists.

Nor-Truss Wood Connectors

Whatever your needs are, we can provide industry-grade wood connectors for a clean and safe system.  These parts are equally important as the trusses and beams because wood connectors improves on the sturdiness of a roof system. Our wood connectors have outperformed any similar product you can find in your local hardware because we take into account all the kinds of stress and resistance the connectors will undergo once they are in place.