Nor-Truss is your trustworthy one-stop shop for all your roofing and floor system needs. In the past 3 decades, we have proudly served the local community and beyond by doing exactly what we do best – and we always serve with a friendly and professional approach.

Design Consultation

When we started our business, not many residential houses were uses trusses and so we took it upon ourselves to help in design with our professional consultation and assistance. We enjoyed helping our customers realize what they envisioned and have committed to continue offering our help in whatever way possible to give you a safe and secure dream house with our roof and floor systems.

Our in-house experts will sit down with you to discuss your plans. We have executed dozens of different (some of them outrageously unique!) architectural plans to the delight of the homeowners, contractor, and architect.

Let’s sit and talk about your dream house.

Beam & Column Layouts

Trusses, whether for the roof or floor, have become the primary choice of most builders and property owners because they offer far more advantages than traditional methods. For instance, with floor trusses, you get additional runways for other systems like electrical and plumbing. All these we are aware of and are willing to work with you extensively to make sure the master plan is perfect.

Our engineers and the latest software ensure that all our lay-outs are executable and efficient. This is why we have become the best in this part of the country and the go-to professional when lay-outs and designs for trusses, beams, and columns from third party individuals don’t seem to work.

Of course, it is much better and faster if we work on the layout and design from the start but we will go the extra mile to work with any design and layout.

Labeled Trusses

Buying the trusses is just part of the initial stages of building a roof or floor system. The bigger problem would be the actual construction so we have devised a foolproof way of making sure that every piece of your order is labeled and tagged according to the design and layout. This is the best way to ensure a seamless process.

Furthermore, we know that the system can’t be fully installed in a day so we have not just tagged them, we also make sure they are in a waterproof label with all the relevant information for zero errors. The amount of time and money you can save will be of huge value and convenience especially on a job site where you don’t always have proper storage facilities.

Timely Delivery

While we work primarily with residents in and around the area of Miramichi, New Brunswick, we can also service surrounding areas of New Brunswick and as far as Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Give us a call today and let’s get to work together in building you your dream house!

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